My Rubber Boots Collection

Here I let you show, my rubber boots collection.
Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

The picture above is Mac's collection of rubber boots. I took it at a studio of
NHK (Nihon Hoso Kyokai = National TV in Japan) in the beginning of June 2005.
I appeared the program as a collector of rubber boots in Japan.
The pictures below are Mac's rubber boots collection by 2003.

c01s.jpg c02s.jpg
c03s.jpg c04s.jpg
c05s.jpg c06s.jpg
c07s.jpg c08s.jpg c08zs.jpg
c09s.jpg c10s.jpg
c11s.jpg c12s.jpg
c13s.jpg c14s.jpg
c15s.jpg c16s.jpg
c17s.jpg c18s.jpg
c19s.jpg c20s.jpg
c21s.jpg c22s.jpg c22zs.jpg