I started taking photographs as the GIRB original pics with models since
2004, but I've been busy so I could not take and publish new series....
Until now, I just provided full size (1200 X 797) pics for the Japanese site
visitors who send me some donation as supportors for GIRB.
Now, I express my gratitude for nealy and over 900000 accsess for GIRB,
I provide full size pics for all of GIRB visitors.
However, in order to omit any download applications, I put ID & PASS.
ID=mayumi PASS=model


Height 166cm
Bust 85cm
Waist 58cm
Hips 85cm
Shoes 24.5cm
She is the first model for GIRB original pics.
Mayumi is not only a model but also a trained
actress. She was a member of Screen Actors
Guild when she was in the U.S..

I bought "Nikon D100" just 10 days before this
shooting, so I've not skilled how to use the
That was only my regret for this Shooting.